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Hiring Qualifying Teachers

By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist December 15, 2023
Many people blame students' need for more knowledge on the pandemic, but that's not the only reason many students have fallen behind in the past four years.
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America’s Favorite Chocolates

By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist December 13, 2023
America is a nation with diverse foods and cultures, including candies. With that being said, there are a bunch of chocolates Americans love.
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Using Our Snow Days Wisely

By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist December 1, 2023
Last school year, it only snowed once. It wasn't enough for a snow day. It melted away the same day it came. We used 0/5 snow days last year.
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Thanksgiving Break In FCPS

By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist November 30, 2023
Thanksgiving break was five days this year. A few years ago, you used to have an early release on Wednesday, and then you were off the rest of the week.
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LJ’s New Phone Policy

By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist September 27, 2023

"What/Who started this policy?" We interviewed Ms. Kirk about the away for the day policy. She told us that it all started from a high school named Herndon High school. After the pandemic, the first...

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