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He Killed Over 300 Girls and Got His Freedom in Return

By: Brenna Brickley, Journalist April 12, 2024
110 girls. At the very, very least 110 girls were taken from this world, all by the hands of one horrible excuse for a man. However, 110 is just a minimum estimate, for this man claims to have killed over 300 young women.
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The Horrific Serial-Kidnapper Who Could Soon Walk Free

By: Brenna Brickley, Journalist March 15, 2024
John Jamelske seems to be your average senior citizen. That is until he is accused of kidnapping a young 16-year-old girl. However, after launching investigations on him, they realize that he has done a lot more than kidnap a girl. Meet John Jamelske, the monster who may soon walk free.
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Meet America’s “Damsel of Death”

By: Brenna Brickley, Journalist February 26, 2024
Aileen Wuornos was the first ever convicted American serial killer, taking a total of six to seven lives along a Floridian highway from 1989-1990. Throughout the murders and the hunt to find the killer, Aileen received the nickname "Damsel of Death." However, this "damsel" has a dark past.
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Serial Killer Caught After 13 Years

By: Brenna Brickley, Journalist February 14, 2024
After nearly 13 years of intense investigations, searching only to find nothing, and dead leads, officials believe that the infamous “Long Island Serial Killer” has finally been caught.
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