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Northrop Grumman Provides Diversity in STEM Panel for Middle School Students

Northrop Grumman Provides Diversity in STEM Panel for Middle School Students

By: Gabrielle Carpenter, Editor
Northrop Grumman Corporation provided serious and helpful lessons to a group of 60 middle schoolers in the Washington, D.C. area at Luther Jackson Middle School.  In a panel discussion, moderated by students, engineers from Northrop weighed in on the issues of the day, including getting ahead in the tech workplace as a person of color.
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Veterans Day: The history behind the holiday & Covid-safe ways to celebrate

By: Julia Clavecillas, Reporter
Veterans have sacrificed to defend our country and the Constitution. We should be grateful to them not just on Veteran's Day but we enjoy the freedom they have defended and worked so hard for.
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Solar-Powered Seawater Converter Built In Kenya

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist
Tesla has done it yet again.
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Why are you bored?

By: Ethan Vu

Everyone gets bored but don't you wonder why?  It usually happens when your friend is ranting about an unimportant event that you didn't go to or you're waiting for the bus and forgot to charge your phone. ...

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