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Choir and Music Participation Lab

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist March 22, 2024
March is Music in Our Schools month, the month where we recognize the importance of music in schools. LJMS currently has four music electives, so in honor of it being March, why don't we talk about them?
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plane flying above white mountains during daytime

Natural Beauties Of The World

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist March 19, 2024
You've heard of the "Seven Wonders of the World", but is that really it? The answer: No! There are so many other beautiful things the world has, and this article shows a few of them!
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Bhavesh, Sir Pharoah, and Arnav standing in front of the Luther Jackson sign in the lobby.

TSA Qualifies for State

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist March 11, 2024
The Luther Jackson Middle School TSA team has completed the qualifiers and is moving onto state! Wonder how they did it or just what TSA is? This article covers everything you should know about TSA and our victory!
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Why Does Fast Food Taste So Good?

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist February 27, 2024
You've had to have had fast food at least once in your life, maybe a Big Mac from McDonalds, some chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, or maybe just a Frosty and fries from Wendy's!
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Cheerleading Interest Meeting for FCHS

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist February 23, 2024
Cheerleading can be fun, and with an interest meeting for cheerleading at FCHS coming up, it'll be great to know a few more things before flying into the world of cheer!
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Stanley Cups

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist February 9, 2024
Ever wonder how the Stanley Cup has become incredibly popular around school? This article covers almost everything you need to know about how and why these cups are the newest trend!
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