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The Future Isn’t What the Future Was.

By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist
In 1985 the movie Back to the Future was made and captivated the hearts of people all around the world. Four years later in 1989 a sequel was released set in 2015, 6 years prior to when this article was written. The movie painted a very colorful picture of futuristic gadgets and how the lives of people would be 30 years in the future. Lets look back and see how we compare.
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Complaint Filed After Biased Attack Asian Woman And Child

By: Siamba Oguah, Journalist
Last week a man purportedly harassed and threatened an Asian-American woman and her daughter in a car because they were of Asian descent. Many cities have seen an increase in Asian hate crimes since the beginning of the pandemic.
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Flying Taxis as Future Transportation

By: Hayden Frost, Journalist
Flying taxis are important because they are a new form of transportation that is more clean, cheaper, faster, and possibly a big change to our transportation system in the future, it could possibly change the whole taxi industry.
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Cormiere, Zoe. Bobbit Worm. Digital image. Web. 22 Mar. 2021.

Giant Sand Worm Fossil’s Proves Fact Is Crazier Then Fiction

By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist
Giant sand worms, originally thought to be fiction. Have been proven to had exist 20 million years ago.
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Polluting Ocean Effects

By: Andrea Lizama, Journalist
We can do somethings to help.
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The Plan To Refreeze the Artic

By: Edgar Alvarado, Reporter
A team of Designers plan on building a submarine like vessel to combat global warming by refreezing the Artic Ice caps.
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The U.S. Government: It Doesn’t Seem Many Know How It Works

By: Oswaldo Lopez Romero , Journalist
It doesn't seem like many Americans understand the basics of how their government works...
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All About Cave of the Winds

By: Dominik Rudnicki, Reporter
This is Cave of the Winds, and how it's decks were built.
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The Greatest Swordsmith in Japanese History

By: Erick Molina-Diaz, Journalist
Amakuni and his son took an oath to make the best sword they could.
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More And More DC-Area Bus Systems Are Moving Toward Electric Fleets

By: Alex Bundics, Journalist
Even bus systems that are yet to introduce electric buses to their fleets are expected to begin to do so in the near future, and many systems already have hybrid electric buses, which is an important step toward fully electric buses.
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Worlds Fastest Object Isn’t A Rocket. It’s A Computer.

By: Abhi Palikala, Journalist
One of the most difficult mathematical problems, which would take the worlds fastest supercomputer over 10,000 years, solved in 200 seconds.
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Who was Benjamin Banneker?

By: Julia Clavecillas, Reporter
Benjamin Banneker was a renowned scientist, astronomer, mathematician, and inventor. He was a free African American man who was born to two freed slaves on November 9th, 1731.
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