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6 Questions Elementary School Students Ask About Middle School

By: Parker Heflin, Journalist

Elementary students have many questions for Luther Jackson Middle School. Some think it will be amazing, some think it will be the worst experience of their life, but is it really that bad? Six questions...

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Does Homework Really Do Anything?

By: Rose McLellan , Journalist

About Homework Homework is a big part of school. Homework has been around for as long as school has. Roberto Nevilis is the man who invented homework. Almost 50% of teachers assign homework 4-5 days...

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LJMS After-School Program

By: Yash Kini, Journalist
Our mission at LJ is to create an environment where students can thrive to be themselves in a safe and middle school.
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Dr. Michelle Reid, New Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools

By: Meissa Islam and Sibel Mehmed
Dr. Michelle Reid was recently appointed the new superintendent. We interviewed her just a day after the announcement.
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A Cryptic Codex: The Voynich Manuscript

By: Julia Clavecillas, Reporter
One of the most mysterious artifacts that scientists have discovered is the Voynich Manuscript. The two-hundred-and-forty page document is filled with a looping script, whimsical illustrations of various plants, and dream-like drawings of suns with faces.
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How to Come Up With Story Ideas for

How to Come Up With Story Ideas for

By: Jacob Segura, Journalist
Have you ever had trouble writing a story and never came up with an idea .
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How to Become a Brain Surgeon

By: Allison Hernandez Lopez, Journalist
Heart surgeons make up to 500 hundred dollars a year, because surgeons have training nobody else has.
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Why would you use Bond Touch?

By: Rosey caceres, Journalist
Why would you use a bond touch? Well a Bond Touch is when you and your loved one gets a bracelet with a little device that vibrates.
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Minecraft Education Edition for Schools

Minecraft Education Edition for Schools

By: Arda Dogan, Journalist
Minecraft Education Edition is an education version of Minecraft designed for classroom use.
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