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What Bleaching Does To Your Hair

By: Madeline Seminaro, Reporter
Thinking about bleaching your hair? Want to know more about the consequences... or rather, the reward??? Well then this article is for you. In this article I talk about what could possibly go wrong and right and whether you could recover from those possible damages that you would do to your hair.
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Auto-Lacing Sneakers

By: Jacob Segura, Alexander J, Segura
Recently the auto lacing sneakers industry have become popular to the public .
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Wearable Health Device

Can Wearable Technology Devices Detect Covid-19?

By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist
Look at this article to see how wearable technology devices can detect and monitor Covid-19 in their users!
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Smart Belt

By: Isabella Phillips, Journalist
Has your belt ever felt tight after eating a meal? Have you wanted to track your health, waist, and more? Well now is the chance, because the Welt is gaining popularity by the day.
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HoverGlide Backpack

By: Ryan Wells, Reporter

Apart from looking super trippy, the HoverGlide backpack reduces back strain by as much as 86% over a normal backpack. This backpack uses elastic couplings and slides to make it feel like it is floating....

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Why You Should Watch Naruto

By: Richard Peredo Rodriguez, Reporter

I'm sure You've heard a show called Naruto, if you don't know what Naruto is let me explain it without any spoilers. Naruto is a Show about a boy who lost his parents when he was born, When his...

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A shoe being designed in CAD so it can be printed and displayed.  Photo Source:  Romans CAD

3-D Printed Clothes

By: Jackson Steider, Reporter

Three-dimensional printing has changed our way of life by making things from kitchen appliances to human organs. Recently fashion designers have unveiled to the public 3D printed shoes and dresses. These...

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To show one way this new jacket could be used.

The Solution to Comfortable Mid Day Relaxation, Pillowdy

By: Sam Ross, Journalist
This sweatshirt or windbreaker might be the perfect way to combine neck pillows with a usable solution. The creators found a way to put a pillow in a sweatshirt that can adjust to the user and fits all sizes.
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a pictures of curly hair

ECO Hair Gel

By: Estefanny Roque Guerrero, Journalist
This hair gel is called the ECO hair gel. This hair gel is one of the best gels for naturally curly hair.
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Popular Anime's You Should Watch

Popular Anime’s You Should Watch

By: Jason Argueta Castro, Journalist
Top Anime updates for 2020.
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picture of shoes

Virgil Abloh, Designer of Off-White Streetware

By: Jefferson Hernandez-Lazo, Journalist
Virgil Abloh is the founder and creator of Off White fashion designer who can take any basic shoe and put his touch on it..
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Air Jordan 12

Air Jordan 12 (Flu game)

By: Jacob Segura, Journalist
The Most Expensive shoe sold by the Jordan brand was The Air Jordan 12.This was first ever shown in 1997.
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