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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

‘The Book Thief’ Will Sneak up on You

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist May 24, 2024
The small town of Molching was struck by famine, hanging by their fingertips on the cliff of starvation.
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‘The Maze Runners’ Adrenalizing Truth

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist May 15, 2024
I originally read 'The Maze Runner' during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Isle Of The Gods; Not Too Cliché

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist April 8, 2024
Selly has been working for months, trying to see her father again. She is currently a deckhand under the somewhat well-known captain, Rensa. Selly has been trying to leave the port of Kirkpool forever, and she may finally find her big break.
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A Book and a Change of Perspective; Foul Lady Fortune

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist March 15, 2024
Foul Lady Fortune is a book that takes place in 1931, by 25-year-old author, Chloe Gong. Fortune, one of the most well-known assassins in all of Shanghai, is a young woman aiding the Nationalists.
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The Inheritance Games Should be Your Next Read – Here’s Why

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist March 6, 2024
This compelling book by Jennifer Lynn Barns will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
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The Controversy Behind The Hit ‘Yes, And?’

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist February 22, 2024
Ariana Grande has received many comments on her personal life. Especially her romantic life and her appearance. How does the public affect the songs that she writes?
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The Truth About What People Think Happens After Death

By: Clara Steffens, Journalist February 9, 2024
Death is a question that has left the best and the brightest people puzzling. What really happens after you die?
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