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A neighborhood in Paradise, Calif., was left in ruins by the Camp Fire in 2018. A new film is being shot in New Mexico to tell the story of a bus driver and a school teacher who saved students during Californias deadliest and most destructive wildfire. Jamie Lee Curtis’ production company is involved in the project.

New Mexico Poses As Stand-In for New Movies About California’s Deadliest Wildfires

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist May 28, 2024
New Mexico is standing in for California in a new film, where the story revolves around a bus driver and a school teacher who bravely saved students during a devastating wildfire.
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Risks of Natural Disasters

Risks of Natural Disasters

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist May 8, 2024
Since 1980, the United States has experienced 378 weather and climate disaster events with total damages/costs of $1,000,000 or more (including 2024 CPI adjustment).
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Flooding In Brazil

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist April 4, 2024
Stormy weather on 21 February 2024 swept over southern parts of the state from late 21 February 2024. Just one hour early on 22 February, the Recredit dos Bannermanites neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro recorded 42.8 mm of rain, and the neighborhood of Bangu, also in the West Zone, recorded 43.2 mm.
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Oil Spill In Trinidad and Tobago

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist March 22, 2024
On February 23, 2024, at 3:45 pm, Trinidad and Tobago's government confirmed the refined product leaking from a barge that struck a reef and overturned off the coast of Tobago.
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Natural Disasters In 2024

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist March 11, 2024
From severe storms to tornadoes, natural disaster statistics reveal that disasters occur more frequently and with greater intensity.
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The First Natural Disasters Of 2024

By: Giselle Silveira, Journalist February 12, 2024
Three winter storms occurred in the first three weeks of 2024 (Ember, Finn, and Gerri). It brought severe weather to the U.S. mainland, including wind, hail, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures.
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