Image Source:  MIT

MIT Spider Web Musical Instrument

By: Oliver Singhvi, Journalist
MIT is taking the scans of spider webs, making 3D computer diagrams, and finally creating a virtual "stringed" instrument out of the model.
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Vintage Electric Guitar by Big Grey Mare is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Electric Guitar, How It Works And How It Came To Be

By: Taryn Heuvelman, Journalist
The electric guitar is one of the most famous instruments to come out of the United States. Learn how this famous instrument works and how it came to be.
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Invisible String

By: Emily Noh, Writer
Swift’s narrative talents go from metaphors to colors, memories to easter eggs. She has several nods to her previous songs as well.
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Baby by Justin Bieber – Review

By: Seth Job, Journalist
Baby by Justin Bieber was released in 2010. It is some of the first of many songs that he wrote. Baby is sung by Bieber and Ludacris. It was and still is a popular song.
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“Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

By: Symthasree Koganti, Writer
As a classic love song from the '60s, the iconic notes of "Stand By Me" have stayed as known as ever in present day.
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Cherish Cover

Cherish by Madonna

By: Isabelle Paparella, Writer
A song expressing the love for their other half is beautiful.
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Pierre by Ryn Weaver

By: Reese Sunga , Writer
This song makes me want to fall in love.  It makes my body jump, my face smile and puts me in a positive mood!
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I like me better-Lauv

I like me better-Lauv

By: Aisha Abubakar, Writer
"I like me better" is a pop song about how you treasure and like yourself more when you are with someone you love.
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Drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

Drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

By: Paula Turcios-Amaya, Writer
Has someone ever broken a every salient promise to you? How did that make you feel? you tell me!
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Cover of Song

Juice Wrld – All Girls Are The Same

By: Daniel Murtin, Writer
Once listening to this song you get a kind of eerie and sad mood from the lyrics to the instrumental. The lyrics send in powerful and compelling words that make the listener fell calm and tranquil.
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Thumbnail of lofi hip hop radio - beats to study to on YouTube.

Why Did Lo-Fi Music Blow Up?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist
One of the greatest reasons behind why lo-fi music has blown up during the pandemic is its simplicity.
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