blue and black bmw m 3 coupe
What Transportation Could Look Like In The Future
By: Asa Keller, Journalist
When most people think of the future, they may think of flying cars and super-fast vehicles.
a mcdonalds restaurant is lit up at night
Why Does Fast Food Taste So Good?
By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist
You've had to have had fast food at least once in your life, maybe a Big Mac from McDonalds, some chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, or maybe just a Frosty and fries from Wendy's!
person about to put sauce on tacos
Luther Jackson Cafeteria
By: Shiryu Gibson and Journalist
The Luther Jackson cafeteria is a place for students in Luther Jackson to eat. The cafeteria has different food you can eat like pizza, burgers and more.
chocolate bars on white table
America's Favorite Chocolates
By: Raya Derdesawi, Journalist
America is a nation with diverse foods and cultures, including candies. With that being said, there are a bunch of chocolates Americans love.
Trumpet Creeper
Trumpet Creeper
By: Lirian Davidson, Journalist
Tubular in shape, trumpet creepers are viewed as beautiful flowers. With colors reminiscent of sunsets like reddish-orange and golden yellows. They grow in long wood-like vines and spread like wildfire.
Calico Aster
Calico Aster
By: Lirian Davidson, Journalist
Aster is a daisy, commonly blue or purple; it means star. Asters and Morning Glories are also seen as one of the September birth flowers.
The Common Pawpaw
The Common Pawpaw
By: Lirian Davidson, Journalist
The pawpaw might sound like an unusual name, but it made sense to the Portuguese explorer who found it.
Beatles by Ricard Lopez 1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
The Beatles, How They Were Formed
By: Santiago Salazar, Reporter

The Beatles, such an amazing band that still to this day, live on with their outstanding music. But how were the Beatles formed? It all began in 1957 when two music loving...

nightmare-before-christmas by andy z is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
The Making of The Nightmare Before Christmas
By: Cindy DeLeon-DeLeon, Reporter

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the tale of Jack Skellington, in the setting of Halloween town. The movie has a unique art style that is very different...
By: Erick Martinez-Gomez, Reporter

Kuromukuro is one of my most favorites anime of all time. It is really underrated and unknow which kind of annoys me because it deserves a lot more hype and recognition. Kuromukuro...

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