Are Psychics Real?


“A Psychic’s View” by MTSOfan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Alexander Smythe, Reporter

So the straight up answer? No. Psychics are fakes that will take your money. Ok, article is over. Wait what? You want to know why? Oh, well that’s much harder to answer. Now then, lets get into the story. First off, they make claims that can apply to anyone. Things like “you have felt great pain and cant let it go”. Yes everyone has felt hurt before, and yes everyone has something that hurts that they cant let go. Don’t be fooled by their claims, while it might seem true, its also true for the person in line behind you. And no they CANT see into the crystal ball, because unless they are from Hogwarts, they are not able to see into the future, read minds, predict the winning lotto numbers. They also keep the story very vague so when they mess up they can backtrack easily, and along with that, get you to tell them about yourself, or the person they are talking about so they seem more knowledgeable. Example “im seeing a name with the letter ‘K’. Oh the letter ‘C’? Sorry, sometimes when you use magic like this the names get a little jumbled. Im also guessing they were on your fathers side, no related to your father. They weren’t? Oh related to your MOTHERS side, thank you”. These ways it make seem as they know what they are talking about, when really they are just making guesses. Psychics and mediums also use many other tactics, but these two are the most common. To get some more in depth research on why psychics are fake and how they are just stealing your money, visit these sites right here