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Choir and Music Participation Lab

By: Adelaida Romero, Journalist
March is Music in Our Schools month, the month where we recognize the importance of music in schools. LJMS currently has four music electives, so in honor of it being March, why don't we talk about them?
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Media Communications Elective

By: Sabrina Remy, Journalist
If you're trying to figure out what electives to take, one that students highly recommend is Media Communications.
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The Controversies Surrounding Proxies

By: David Judy, Journalist
Proxies are a very common site in schools in the US and it's very easy to see why. Proxies, for those who don't know, are free sites usually without ads that mostly have free games that are imported onto the site for students to play.
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FCPS Hoodie Policy

For the 2023-24 school year, FCPS has changed the hoodie/hat policy. What reasons back up this change? Why are hoodies associated with acts of vandalism?
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