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Luther Jackson Cafeteria

By: Shiryu Gibson and Journalist January 18, 2024
The Luther Jackson cafeteria is a place for students in Luther Jackson to eat. The cafeteria has different food you can eat like pizza, burgers and more.
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Seventh Grade Hidden Oaks Field Trip

By: Shiryu Gibson, Journalist November 16, 2023
The Hidden Oaks Nature Center is a field trip for the 7th grade to learn about science. The people who went on the field trip had five stations.
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Luther Jackson Sports Teams

By: Shiryu Gibson, Journalist November 3, 2023
The Luther Jackson sports are a after school program for students in Luther Jackson The Luther Jackson sports has a lot of different sports like soccer(football), basketball, flag football and more.
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FCPS Hoodie Policy

By: Santiago Rivera, Shiryu Gibson, and Juan Garcia October 6, 2023
For the 2023-24 school year, FCPS has changed the hoodie/hat policy. What reasons back up this change? Why are hoodies associated with acts of vandalism?
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