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13-Year Old Beats Tetris

By: David Judy, Journalist January 11, 2024
A 13-year-old, Willis Gibson, made gaming history(wow) and was the first person to "beat" Tetris, the game where you try to create horizontal lines using four types of blocks.
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The War Is Back On

By: David Judy, Journalist December 5, 2023
The ceasefire has ended between Hamas and Israel. And now it seems like the truce never even happened.
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Israeli-Gaza War

By: David Judy, Journalist November 10, 2023
So as many of you may know, there has been a start of a massive conflict in Israel. Sadly for them and all the middle east, This is by no means new. The goal of this article is to get you up to speed with the many worrying and controversial developments that have implications for Israel, Palestine and the rest of the Middle east.
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The Controversies Surrounding Proxies

By: David Judy, Journalist October 16, 2023
Proxies are a very common site in schools in the US and it's very easy to see why. Proxies, for those who don't know, are free sites usually without ads that mostly have free games that are imported onto the site for students to play.
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Ukrainian Counteroffensive Breakthrough

By: David Judy, Journalist September 15, 2023
Recently, Ukrainian generals have stated that they have made a breakthrough in the heavily entrenched Southern Russian line, a longtime stalemate ever since the beginning of the hyped-up and heavily backed counter-offensive launched by Ukraine in June. This has boosted lots of people's morale, both Ukrainian and abroad, allowing for Ukraine to potentially continue to soak in foreign aid, as shown by the 1 billion dollar aid package expected to be sent by the US by Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.
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