The Universal S

The Mysterious Origins Of The Universal S

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By: Teddy Dehn, Journalist

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The Universal S is a term used for one of the many graffiti S symbols that is now widely known worldwide. You can create this symbol by drawing 6 lines 2 by three and then connecting 4 of the 6 horizontally. Finally, connect the two edge lines and draw a line to close the figure S. The result is a block-shaped S with two lines in the middle.

The Universal S is widely known across the globe. The S is most famous for its unknown origins. Most people remember learning to draw this S when they were young but never knowing where it came from.  People even remember writing this S symbol as early as the 1970s. Chances were, when you were in elementary school, you had also learned to write this symbol.

The Origins of this symbol were studied by the YouTuber Lemmino. After five years of extensive research, he concluded that the Universal S was created in the early 1920s during the golden age of graffiti. People also believe that this S was tied to an ancient pattern because of its easy to draw.

Overall, the Universal S is a wonder of art whose origins were lost to time.  The universal nature of the symbol that leads many to believe it is important to humanity is passed down through the generations, lies dormant in our subconscious, and is revealed in artistic expression.  Given its shared experience, however,  when enough people begin to ask questions, eventually, someone will search and find the answers.