a red planet with a black background

What We Already Know About Mars

By: Danna Juarez, Journalist
Mars is one of the closest planets to Earth, though it is just half its size. Mars is the planet that has been explored the most with the help of rovers, which are robotic vehicles that move around the surface—named after the Roman god of war thanks to its rusting iron surface making it look red.
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Intuitive Machines Lander is Tipped Over

Intuitive Machines Lander is Tipped Over

By: Liam Eckerman, Journalist
On February 15, 2024, the Odysseus lunar lander by Intuitive Machines, launched from the Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to begin its journey to the moon.
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Wormhole - Chengna Lin

Wormhole – Chengna Lin

By: Liza Plis, Max Purtill, Gallery Deck Editors
"Looking at the theme Future, the first thing I think about is Technological and Scientific Development. My artwork is based on my belief in future technology. The left side will be the galaxy we had already discovered so far, but on the other side it is an imagined universe that humans can also live in. In the center, it is a UFO transferring through a wormhole to the new world."
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