What We Already Know About Mars

Simple facts about Mars
a red planet with a black background

Mars is one of the closest planets to Earth, though it is just half its size. Mars is the planet that has been explored the most with the help of rovers, which are robotic vehicles that move around the surface—named after the Roman god of war thanks to its rusting iron surface making it look red. Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos. Since Mars is further away, it takes longer to orbit the sun. Mars also has a thin atmosphere, which does not help when an asteroid or a meteorite impacts it. When Mars was much warmer and had water, there might have been potential life that only existed during that time since it’s now unlivable.

Mars is still a subject of interest to many people. While we already know a good amount about Mars, we still have many years of discoveries as time passes and technology advances.




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