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Blue Lights - Olivia Raimondo

Blue Lights – Olivia Raimondo

"I drew this with the thought in mind of doing what you want you can before getting too old. Enjoy life now instead of later because tomorrow is always uncertain."
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The Crazy Flower - Gabrielle Carpenter

The Crazy Flower – Gabrielle Carpenter

"From Aphrodite to Spain, the language of the rose has remained as true love. For its petals’ simplistic beauty, maybe, but even more so the fragile spikes that lie beneath the surface. As the flow of time proceeds into the future, the essence of a rose will, ultimately, remain true."
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A Change in Character - Max Purtill

A Change in Character – Max Purtill

"This painting is looking into the future and the past. Showing how I once was, how I am now, and, most importantly, how I want to be in the future. All while being slowly surrounded by a dark shadow that will one day stop the constant change that is life. The future will come and death with it. Making all the things that you were, are, and will be into one." - Max Purtill
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One Hundred Million Miles Away - Noah Cramer

One Hundred Million Miles Away – Noah Cramer

"This drawing is about the future of American space travel. The reflection of the planets in the austronaut's helmet shows the potential possibility to better understand our neighbouring planets. I believe if we can understand more about the planets in our solar system we can better understand the universe itself." - Noah Cramer
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Wormhole - Chengna Lin

Wormhole – Chengna Lin

"Looking at the theme Future, the first thing I think about is Technological and Scientific Development. My artwork is based on my belief in future technology. The left side will be the galaxy we had already discovered so far, but on the other side it is an imagined universe that humans can also live in. In the center, it is a UFO transferring through a wormhole to the new world."
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The Middle Moon - Sage Eckel

The Middle Moon – Sage Eckel

"When I think of the future, I see things such as the drawing. It's a sci-fi-type setting. I had two of the same drawings, just different times."
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Levi Ackerman - Eliana Tamayo

Levi Ackerman – Eliana Tamayo

"This painting is from the anime Attack on Titan and although the anime takes place in the past that's not why it’s futuristic.   It’s what the anime uses, for example, their equipment uses compressed air that helps them move around and basically fly. Along with their “zip lines” that help them move around, you can see that this is something that’s in the future."
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Digital Art by Jonathan Tabbal, 2021

Lone Wolf – Jonathan Tabbal

"I got the inspiration for this piece by looking up at the night sky and the stars. The galaxy night sky relates to the theme of being strong even if you are alone, even in the big galaxy you can be powerful by yourself."
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