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Robert Martirosyan

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Greetings! My name is Robert Martirosyan, and I'm a person who is especially passionate about the stuff I like. I'm a lover of all things tech, video games, and memes. Especially memes. I'm a fan of the anime and manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and I love drawing. I hope you enjoy the articles I have created thus far on this website, and I hope you are as interested in these topics as I am.


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How Do You Deflect The Emerald Splash?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist May 20, 2021
Today, I will be looking into evidence from the series to see what it truly takes to deflect the Emerald Splash.
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The Fermi Paradox, And The Great Filter

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist March 14, 2021
If aliens exist, then where are they? This theory attempts to piece together why we can't find these extraterrestrials.
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Why Did Lo-Fi Music Blow Up?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist January 7, 2021
One of the greatest reasons behind why lo-fi music has blown up during the pandemic is its simplicity.
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How Fast is Silver Chariot?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist November 4, 2020

Silver  Chariot, one of the fastest stands in the JoJo universe, is a key icon of the franchise alongside other stands such as Star Platinum and Gold Experience. As mentioned prior, this stand is famous...

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Could You Have A Pet Ostrich?

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist October 28, 2020
Most people who wish to have a pet want something basic, like a cat, dog, parrot, or fish. After all, why go any further?
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