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Wearable Health Device

Can Wearable Technology Devices Detect Covid-19?

Look at this article to see how wearable technology devices can detect and monitor Covid-19 in their users!
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Workhorse Drone

The Advances In Workhorse Technology

Learn about how WorkHorse can change the future of delivering packages!
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Wireless Pen Scanner

Ever wanted to take notes faster? Try looking into the Wireless Pen Scanner!
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Roller Coaster Engineers

Have you ever wondered who designed the roller coasters at amusement parks?
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Elegoo Arduino UNO R3- Detecting Motion Engineering Notebook

The motion detecting device is basically a device that can detect motion from the ultrasonic sensor in the Elegoo Arduino UNO r3 kit.
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Fading LED Light Project- Using Elegoo UNO R3

The Fade project on the Elegoo UNO is simple and one of the easiest projects you could do on the Elegoo UNO.
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How To Make a Spare House Key

In this article, you will be able to read/watch a video on how to make your own spare house key.
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Trip Wire Alarm System

Trip-Wire Alarm System(s)

Alarm systems are a fascinating way to catch someone in the act. In movies and sometimes in real life, trip wires are typically used to catch bad guys doing something they probably shouldn't be doing,...

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Food Engineering

Food engineering is probably something you haven't heard before. How could food be related to engineering? A concept people in the 20th century need to understand is that nowadays, the food industry isn't...

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A Robot Garden Weeder

A Robot To Weed Your Garden

Does anyone really like weeding their garden? Is it something that you rather be doing than hanging out with your friends or going out? Well I have the solution for you, a robot garden weeder! The fabulous...

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The Art of Picking Locks

Now you know how to pick a lock!
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Here is a Model of What the Final Product of This Engineering Design

Arduino UNO-Based Smartphone Charging Controller

The concept of an Arduino UNO-based smartphone charging controller is simple, the power of the charger is based on the Arduino UNO and this is turned on with the power of relay (an electrical device, typically...

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What It Is Like To Live In Quarantine Because Of The Corona virus

If you are reading this between the years of 2020-2025ish+ you are probably in the realm of remembering the coronavirus. Yes, it is that virus that has been on news reports, media, YouTube, and probably...

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Movable Bridge

Movable Bridges

Unbelievable movable bridges you won't believe exit! Read to find out more!
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Black Fire Snake

The Black Fire Snake Experiment!

Learn how to create a moving "Black Fire Snake!" Read this article to learn the science and process behind the the experiment.
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