Can Wearable Technology Devices Detect Covid-19?


By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

We all have seen the new technology devices that come out every year that are cool and exciting. We think that it’s awesome that from the glance at our wrist, we can see the weather of today, play small games, take pictures, etc. What if I told you that these new devices could also spot sickness? Maybe they could even detect the current virus of this year, Covid-19.

Doctors, Scientist, and Engineers have been working together to see if a new and stable wearable device is advanced enough to detect sickness in a person’s body. A study was shown that 27 wearable devices could measure skin temperature, heart rate, and other health measures. This was used to see if the device could detect or monitor Covid-19 in humans.

Look at the video below to get a better understanding of how wearable devices could possibly detect Covid-19:

So there you have it, these devices could possibly be used to monitor OR predict Covid-19. In addition, these devices people wear are not to be taken so seriously, maybe your heart rate went down because you took a nap during the day or your resting. Maybe you have a mild cold because you went outside in the snow, who knows? These devices are only meant for your own awareness and your own judgement to see if you think you should be tested, or if you are a patient of Covid-19 and need to see a doctor. Something to remember is that the whole purpose of these wearable devices is to detect any sickness in your body early so that it’s not too late.

Currently, Fitbit and Apple are collaborating together to try to find new studies of wearable devices to track Covid-19, and it looks like some progress has been made. So it is up to you to see if you want to get a wearable device if you think that you or your family may possibly have the virus or any sickness at all.


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