Stock Market Influenced by Reddit Groups

By: Conner Elling, Reporter
Recently Reddit groups like Robinhood which are based around the stock market have been investing in companies and that has been causing the stock to go way up.
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Digital Money

Digital Money

By: Yasmin Berjaoui, Reporter
You should have heard about digital money and how a lot more people have been using it now. Digital money is using a credit card or things like apple pay on your iPhones.
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Why Does Everyone Hate Jeff Bezos?

By: Kalkidan Legesse, Reporter
The richest man in the world, with a net worth of $179.9 billion.
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What we did today.  #Drone

What we did today. #Drone

Today me and the group went and figured out the price of everything. We are still putting some things down on the list but I think the idea is going smoothly so far. We will have to wait a bit for the...

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