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What’s Happening to the Polar Bears?

When it comes to sea ice, 95% of the oldest and thickest ice in the artic is already gone. 
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A Solar Powered Crib

Jaundice, a liver condition caused by buildup of bilirubin that results in yellowing of the skin, most impacted by this medical condition are premature newborn babies. If not treated effectively this medical condition can cause brain damage or even death.
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Elegoo Adrunio Uno R3 – LED Dice Project

The way this project works is that when you press the button a random number between one and six is generated and the corresponding number of LEDs are lit up. It reminded me of Christmas lights, so because the holiday season is here I think this could also be a nice festive project to do. 
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Why Does Everyone Hate Jeff Bezos?

The richest man in the world, with a net worth of $179.9 billion.
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Multiverses and How They Work

What if there is another version of you that lives in a completely different universe, living a completely different life, making completely different decisions? Have you ever wondered about the idea of...

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