The Controversy Behind The Hit ‘Yes, And?’

Was the public right about Ariana Grande’s song?
Ariana Grande (left) and Ethan Slater (right)
Ariana Grande (left) and Ethan Slater (right)

Ariana Grande has received many comments on her personal life. Especially her romantic life and her appearance. How does the public affect the songs that she writes?

Her new hit, ‘Yes, And?’, starts with a bouncy rhythm that has fans up on their feet dancing. Her lyrics suggest she’s healing from someone she ‘Just didn’t share right,’ which is probably Ariana tipping her hat to her divorcee, Dalton Gomez. Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande split up in October of 2023.

Ariana is getting constant heat from the public about her new relationship with her Wicked Part 1 co-star, Ethan Slater. The two are said to have been dating throughout the making of The Wicked Part 1, with multiple people on set reporting to have seen the two making out. Ethan Slater had previously married Lilly Jay, his high school sweetheart, from November 2018 to June 2023. In August of 2022, Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay welcomed their first child together.

While the four were still married to their now divorcees, people had reportedly seen them going on double dates with each other. The cast is said to have known about Ariana and Ethan’s affair by this point for a couple of weeks. Lilly and Ethan even visited Ariana’s brother and her mom.

Ariana has received several hateful comments on social media about her body. People have been telling Ariana that her body doesn’t look healthy, and some images were comparing Ariana to her ‘unhealthiest self.’ Ariana addressed these comments in a TikTok video, asking people to be gentler about the comments on her body. She mentioned being on many anti-depressants and eating poorly at the time of her unhealthiest self. She noted that people shouldn’t be this comfortable commenting on their appearance and that people have different types of health.

Many people have commented that the song was about Ariana’s relationship with Ethan and how she didn’t care that Ethan and Lilly had a child. The idea is that Lilly has a child and is now divorced, and Ariana is responding, “Yes, And?” as if she doesn’t care at all.

This is not the case at all. Ariana’s song was intended to promote authenticity for her fans, a call to action not to pay hateful comments that her fans received any mind. Ariana wanted fans to stand up for what they believed in and an overall reminder to not be afraid to show your true colors. Other than this, Ariana addressed the comments people were making about her relationship life and the hate she is getting online about her body. Ariana is giving an example to her fans, encouraging them to stand up for themselves.


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