Why Are You Bored?




By: Ethan Vu, Journalist

Everyone gets bored but don’t you wonder why?  It usually happens when your friend rants about an unimportant event that you didn’t go to, or you’re waiting for the bus and forgot to charge your phone.  But why does it happen?  Be prepared to find out yourself why you are bored.

Two conditions need to be met to feel bored.  To feel bored, you need to have higher arousal.  If you have lower arousal, then you feel relaxed.  If you have higher arousal, you have energy but don’t have anything to do, creating boredom.  The second condition is that when people have trouble focusing their attention, they believe it is a cause of the environment.  When people have trouble focusing attention, they believe it is the environment, and that causes boredom.  Boredom also occurs when you don’t have control over the situation.  For example, if you don’t like a story and can’t listen to anything else, you get bored.  If you are bored with playing a game, you close the game and find something else to do.

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