Stay Alert With AI-Powered Device


By: Estephany Espinoza-Tobar

Car safety is a very important and it has come a long way since the first car. Even if we have safer these accidents but they still happen and they can kill people. The Ridy Distracted Driving Alert device help people drive safely by spanning the drivers attention back on the road and not on their cell phone or other thing that distract them from driving. The Ridy Distracted Alert device is a  intelligence and machine learning technology to determine whether you’re genuinely concentrated on the road. The Ridy Distracted Driving alert device continuously analyze blinking frequency, eye movement, and other facial expression patterns, Ridy can determine whether your blinking is normal or exaggerated, and quickly brings you back to reality without interfering with your driving. The Ridy is a good idea for long road trips and for the people who drive at night a lot. The Ridy is really a great idea for anyone in general that want to have stay safe and distraction-free on the road. It’s incredibly easy to install and completely non-invasive while you’re behind the wheel. The Ridy even works with glasses so you don’t have to think that it work for you.

This relates to engineering because the creator of the Ridy took time to plan out how they would help drivers not be distracted. This also relates to engineering because

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