The Pros and Cons of Prosthetic Arms in Sports

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Prosthetic arm

By: Andrew Nguyen, Journalist

We all know what a prosthetic arm is, some weird mechanical cybernetic engineered arm to replace an actual human arm. So a basic prosthetic arm is made of wires metal and come motherboard so you can actually move it around. It’s just like your own arm! but this prosthetic arm can and can’t do what most human arms can do. So here are some pros and cons of using a prosthetic arm in sports.

Pro.) You have an advantage of strength. Sometimes prosthetic arms can be stronger then what you are used to these days.

Con.) Some prosthetic arms can be stolen and be burned or maybe even electrocute you.

Con.) The prosthetic arm can malfunction while you are playing a game that involves throwing or catching.

Pro.) Prosthetic arms throwing speeds have an alarming throwing rate. If you like throwing stuff as hard as you can this may be your best tool.


This relates to engineering because it is built to modify a person with no arms.

Here’s a of a guy using a prosthetic. Although this is his leg has the same concept as an arm.

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