The Worlds first Everyday Smart Glasses


By: Duncan Kelleher

Introducing Vue the worlds first good-looking smart glasses, unlike google glass Vue looks like normal glasses and most of the time people would have a hard time knowing that they were smart glasses unless they saw them up close. Vue offers many features such as quick charging in the portable charging case, Vue glasses come in different prescriptions and are even customizable. Use the app along with the activity tracker in the glasses to track your movement through out the day. The glasses are 28 grams and are sweat and splash resistant, If you need to take a quick call, no worries Vue has a built-in microphone as well.

Vue Smart Glasses

Stylish Smart Glasses

I know what you are thinking, for glasses this nice they must have a hefty price tag. Surprisingly enough, the glasses are only $249.00. Unlike listening to music with normal earbuds, Vue sends vibrations directly to your inner ear allowing only you to hear the music you are listening to. This would not be possible to make without engineering because Vue needs advanced technology and a simple design to be the best smart glasses on the market.