Tom Brady playing for Buccaneers.

Why Tom Brady Left the Patriots

By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter
So why did Tom Brady leave the team after 20 years of playing for them? Tom Brady, being 42 years old, failed to get his contract renewed by the Patriots. Bill Belichick thought it would be better for the Patriots to...
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Madden NFL Video Game

Madden NFL Video Game

Madden NFL is a realistic football video game. The Madden Series of video games has been out since 1988. Here is some information about Madden: Madden NFL (originally known as John Madden Football until...

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NFL Down Line Technology

When watching football on T.V. you might not think much of the yellow down line broadcast for you. It seems as though it is painted on the field. How this is achieved is a very interesting process. First,...

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