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The Oscars 2024 Winners

By: Vi Moore, Journalist March 22, 2024
The Oscars, an annual event filled with emotional speeches, hardworking movies, and big winners, just had their 96th ceremony on March 10th, 2024. Lots of heartwarming moments occurred in the newest ceremony. But the big question that everyone has is - who are the winners? Who won in the end? This is a complete list filled with all of the nominees and winners for each category.
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LJMS Engineering Department Receives Program Excellence Award

LJMS Engineering Department Receives Program Excellence Award

By: Vi Moore, Journalist March 13, 2024
On Thursday, March 7, 2024, Luther Jackson Middle School’s Engineering Department received the International Technology and Engineering Educator’s Association (ITEEA) Program Excellence Award.
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Mean Girls – 2004 Vs. 2024

By: Vi Moore, Journalist March 6, 2024
Mean Girls is a cult classic and grossed in $129 million worldwide. It was released in 2004, and it was turned into a Broadway musical of the same name in 2018, 12 years later. And now, in 2024, 20 years after the original was released, a new reboot movie based on the original movie and the Broadway musical has released. Like all reboots, some changes are made. These are the 4 most important changes made.
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Lululemon’s Popularity and Quality

By: Vi Moore, Journalist February 23, 2024
Lululemon has recently blown up with popularity on social media. It claims to be comfy, flexible, lightweight, and sweat-resistant for workouts. But like all corporations, they have their flaws. The question we're answering today is whether Lululemon is really worth the money.
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red lollipop on white ceramic round plate

LJMS Valentine’s Day Dance

By: Vi Moore, Journalist February 9, 2024
Here are five things that you need to know before attending the Valentines Day Dance!
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