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Igari Makeup

By: Sara Zalewski, Journalist April 8, 2024
Igari makeup originated in Japan and is primarily known in Asia compared to the rest of the world. Igari is basically no makeup or clean girl makeup but with more blush.
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Diverse Fashion Styles

By: Sara Zalewski, Journalist March 21, 2024
Fashion has grown over time, and many different standards have changed. The fashion now is what most people think is the peak of fashion.
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Douyin Makeup

By: Sara Zalewski, Journalist March 19, 2024
Douyin makeup is a makeup style that originated in China but has become popular all around Asia and is slowly gaining popularity in the U.S. Different variations of Douyin makeup are really popular.
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Most Trending Makeup Brands

By: Sara Zalewski, Journalist March 15, 2024
Makeup is so widely used among women to make them more attractive, which seems like a bad thing because of insecurities but its also looked as to enhanced your features, so make you feel good about your self.
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