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The Tell-Tale Heart: Mad Man or Misunderstood?

"The Tell-Tale Heart" is one of Edgar Allen Poe's most psychological and overwhelming pieces. He brings to the table not only a world so real it seems it could come from our very Earth, but also the paradox between love and what you have to do, even to those you do love. Many have debated the biggest controversy in the story; was the narrator mad, or simply misunderstood?
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Blobfish: The World’s Ugliest Animal

Blobfish have officially been titled "The World's Ugliest Animal." But that doesn't mean they aren't mysterious, magical beings of the depths. In fact, blobfish are quite undiscovered. It is not known...

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Zombie Snails

AH ZOMBIES! Yes, zombies are scary, but this one poses no threat to you. In fact, it isn't even a real zombie! This is a strange work of nature, and many people have been left wondering what happened....

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The Top 10 Strangest Phobias

  Yes, we all have fears. But you would be surprised at what some people are afraid of! 10. Plutophobia - The fear of money Strange, isn't it? Most people strive to have a good income,...

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