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Scientist Find a Super Planet with Oceans of Molten Lava

K2-141b, this is the name of the planet where it rains rocks, the oceans are made of lava, and there are supersonic winds.
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Space Force Uses Virtual Reality to Train Workers

The recently introduced Space Force is using virtual reality headsets to train its guardians on how to fix satellites.
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NASA’s SPHEREx Project Will Be Looking For Clues to the Big Bang

By using infrared light which is not visible to the human eye they will be able to see what secrets the universe holds.
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Stock Market Influenced by Reddit Groups

Recently Reddit groups like Robinhood which are based around the stock market have been investing in companies and that has been causing the stock to go way up.
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Elegoo Arduino Uno R3- “Temperature and Humidity Monitor”

How to create a working temperature and humidity monitor using the Elegoo Arduino Uno R3.
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Flying Cars Could Now Be Reality

A couple of weeks ago a Japanese completed a manned test in a "flying car."
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Photo: PDSA handout via dpa

Mine-detecting Rat Wins Gold Medal

Magawa is an African giant pouched rat who's duty is to sniff out land-mines and bombs. And just last week Magawa was awarded a prestigious gold medal. Magawa had to go through 1 year of training before...

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