Miles Morales Looking At Radioactive Spider

The Stunning Animation of Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

By: Caitlin Arnold, Reporter
Sony's Spider-Verse is a groundbreaking film best known for its clashing and comic-like art and animation. This is a beloved story and was a new and challenging project for animators.
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David Roy’s Amazing Kinetic Sculptures

By: Caitlin Arnold, Journalist
Roy’s continued passion for making his sculptures is because of one thing: Solving the problems of his sculptures. Roy’s passion for his creations isn’t slowing down soon.
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Octagonal Wooden Mirror By Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin’s Mirrors

By: Caitlin Arnold, Reporter
“The mirror is doing more than taking your image, it is capturing something about your soul and showing it back to you. These amazing works of art wouldn’t be possible without the engineer and you."- Daniel Rozin
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