Creation of the Panama Canal

By: Zach Bloom, Reporter
In the end 32000 died while working on the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal was one of the first steps for America to place itself as a world power and changed the business of trade forever.
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Autopilot Boat Garmin

By: Jonathan Del Cid , Journalist
How far away are self-driving boats? Right around the corner...
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Automatic Ship Sails Across The Atlantic Ocean

Automatic Ship Sails Across The Atlantic Ocean

What do you know about the settlers that traveled to America in 1620? Would you be surprised that an automatic ship could take the same path as them in two weeks? Well, this ship will have no passengers...

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A white boat is moving across the blue sea

How do Boats Float?

How can a boat, which is many times larger than yourself, float instead of sink on water? The answer is science, and I will share the specifics. Buoyancy is the force that causes some objects to float...

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