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How To Make a Sequence in LED Blinking Lights

You need a breadboard, ELEGO UNO, 4 wires, 3 LED lights (preferably different colors), the USB cable for the elego uno, and 3 resistors Connect the Elegoo Uno to your laptop or PC using the USB cable...

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Tips And Descriptions On Fall Guys Maps

Tips And Descriptions On Fall Guys Maps: Anexplanation on how to beat every fall guys map but by category.
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The Extremely Lucky Development Of Cuphead

Cuphead is a game that released about 3 years ago developed by MDHR Studios and the development was completely random but it worked perfectly...
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Herobrine The Biggest Mystery In All Of Minecraft

Herobrine, the biggest mystery in all of Minecraft. Was he ever real? Is he in Minecraft today? I will answer these questions in this story.
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Among Us, Tips On How To Win As Imposter

Well I can't give you a 100% winning strategy for imposter  because all games  are different but what I can do is give you some tips on how you can get wins as imposter.   Some info first,...

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Why No Gaming System Is Better Than Others

The gaming situation right now is chaotic. Some believe the Xbox is the best, others think that PlayStation is the best, others think that the Nintendo switch is best and others think the PC is the best,...

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The Rise And The Fall Of Fall Guys

Well if you haven't been living under a rock the past few months chances are you've heard of the game fall guys. Fall guys was a hit game that came out on August 4th and took the internet by storm, but...

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A Guide To Beating The Ender Dragon

Well assuming you have been on this world for a while and have at least full iron armor, around 10 eyes of ender, this guide will help you beat the ender dragon, if you are missing iron armor and tools...

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