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Skeletonics are a nine feet tall 88 pound robots that go around the human body.
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Turning Multiple LED Lights on At Once with Elegoo Arduino Uno

This project I created to turn multiple led lights on at the same time using Elegoo Arduino Uno. MATERIALS NEEDED Elegoo Arduino Uno Elegoo bread board 10 LED lights (any color) 2...

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1963 z06 Corvette: A Diamond In The Rough

The z06 is one of the rarest American cars to ever be on the road.  In 1963 this car cost $4,252.  Today they cost up to $1,100,000.
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History of the Dodge Power Wagon

       From 1936 (WW2) onwards, Dodge created an all terrain 4x4 vehicle later known as the Dodge Power Wagon.  Half ton to full ton this truck came in a variety of  styles and sizes. Nearly unbreakable,...

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