LJMS Band Program

About the enriching band program at Luther Jackson Middle School
LJMS Band Program
An interview with Mr. Woodson, the Director of Bands at LJMS

Ever wanted to learn an instrument?


Excited about the vast array of programs at Luther Jackson?

Looking to find a place to work with fellow instrument-lovers?

Well, the Luther Jackson Middle School band program fulfills your musical desires for a number of reasons!

Whether you want to learn an instrument, have learned an instrument, or are proficient at your instrument, there is a place for you in the Luther Jackson Band!

The Luther Jackson Middle School Band is comprised of three families of instruments that each add a variety of beautiful sound to the room: Percussion, brass, and woodwind. The percussion family includes a variety of instruments that each are played by using different kinds of mallets or sticks to add and keep a colorful rhythm to a piece.  These  instruments range from exciting snare and bass drums adding a fun, yet necessary rhythm to the band, to melodic mallet instruments such as marimbas and xylophones. LJMS only has the finest quality of percussion equipment, including tuned snares, authentic gongs, and cleaned timpani heads. The brass section of the LJMS band adds a warm, versatile sound essential for all pieces. The brass section includes tubular horns with a bell at the end where sound exits. Some brass instruments include French horns, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, tubas, and cornets. Brass instruments are played by vibrating your lips, also called a buzz, to echo sound through the horn. Finally, the woodwinds. The woodwinds are possibly the most crucial family of instruments in a band. Handling a woodwind is a lot of responsibility, as there are many working parts that will not function if broken. Woodwinds include clarinets, flutes, saxophones, oboes, and bassoons.

However, these instruments are in every band. The Luther Jackson Middle School Band tops the rest in terms of quality. Each student is required to practice their instrument everyday to ensure musical growth. In class, music theory lessons (sound pyramid, note values, counting) are taught to students to help them with reading and interpreting different types of music. Both the intermediate and beginner bands work with students who are new to an instrument to introduce them to the lovely language of music. Classes are comprised of fun musical games and exciting chair tests to calibrate and express individual skill and strength among a section. Advanced band is at the absolute pinnacle of middle school musical program, with students going to different band competitions, concerts, and auditions to take their instruments to the next level in band to prepare for the difficulty of high school band. Our own LJMS Band, at the annual District X Middle School Band Assessment, scored “straight ones,” earning a “superior” rating, the highest score possible.

After an exhilarating musical school year, students are highly recommended to join the music department in their annual spring trip to an amusement park like Kings Dominion or Hershey Park. There is no pressure there, only fun rollercoasters and food with friends.


Overall, middle school band is an excellent way to get introduced to the mechanics of sound, and participating in the LJMS Band Program will guarantee you the best and most successful musical year possible.



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