ESTEEMFest 2023! VEX Robotics

By: Anokhi Basavaraju, Samiya Azam, and Meg Lagera


VEX Robotics is a company specializing in teaching and competing with robotics of all levels, coming to Luther Jackson Middle School for ESTEEM Fest. It will be presented in the robot room in the Engineering room. (418B)


VEX Robotics is a program for elementary through university, and students use a graphical software to program the robots. This is an easy to use and accessible technology. VEX IQ is a snap-together system to provide novice users the chance to find success, while also challenging upper level students. In competitions, teams build and program robots to compete. At tournaments two randomly chosen teams compete for the highest team ranking. VEX code is easy to understand and students get started on coding quickly. VEX code is based on Python, and is consistent across Blocks, C++, and all VEX brands.