ESTEEMFest 2023 Learning Undefeated’s Explorer Lab Truck


The Learning Undefeated Explorer Lab Truck, from the STEM company, Learning Undefeated, will be featured at Luther Jackson Middle school for ESTEEMFest. 

The Learning Undefeated Truck is an RV-like STEM truck. Inside, there are laboratory hands-on activities which allow students to apply STEM in the real world. The truck is the country’s most progressed mobile STEM truck with its advancements in technology and engineering. 


What can students look forward to seeing?

In the truck, students will be able to experience the process to Mars using tools and interactive resources. The explorer lab allowed students to experience similar tasks to astronauts in space. The high-tech interactive activities create an educational learning environment.

Learning Undefeated’s Explorer Lab Truck is coming to Luther Jackson Middle School from June 5th – 9th of 2023.