Engineering Breakthrough for Pets

Engineering Breakthrough for Pets

By: John Stevens, Journalist

One thing that millions of families have in common is our love for our pets.  Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and even reptiles have become a part of our lives.  Many people have grown to love their pets and treated them just as they would another family member.  So when it comes to medical care,  people have spent thousands of dollars to do what they can to save their pet family member from an accident or to treat the animal of a disease such as cancer.

Thanks to medical engineering, we can help and save our pets.  For example, we now have prosthetics.  With 3D scanning, we can now get a detailed image to make the prosthetics more efficient and more cost-efficient.

Other advancements for our pets thanks for engineering include MRI’s to see what is going on inside the animal’s body, ultrasounds which are similar to MRI’s but not as in-depth, laparoscopy, which is a camera to go inside the animal to detect disease, and micro-fracture detection for bone health.

Our pets can now live a longer and healthier life with all the new advancements that engineers are learning every day.

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