MIT Spider Web Musical Instrument


Source: Isabelle Su

Image Source: MIT

By: Oliver Singhvi, Journalist

It might be 6 months before Halloween, but scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are doing some interesting research about spiders. They are taking the scans of spider webs, making 3D computer diagrams, and finally creating a virtual “stringed” instrument out of the model. They created a VR setup to allow people to listen and see the webs differently. They did this all with the help of an artist named Tomas Saraceno. They believe this will give us a better understanding of the complicated structures of the web. However, that’s not their biggest goal.

Scientists know spiders communicate through vibrations. They can use their virtual models to listen to the spider language. The scientists could use the webs and their web knowledge to communicate with the spiders. They have researched how the spiders use these vibrations to communicate with each other, and they are working machines that can figure out what the spiders are telling each other.