Misinformation About Covid-19 May Keep the Virus Around For Longer Than Wanted

Healthcare Workers Are Nervous Covid Vaccine Rates Will Go Down, Due to Online Rumors.


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By: Devum Agarwal , Reporter

With Covid-19 being a big impact on all of our lives, we all want to know the facts about Covid-19. Unfortunately, many people have been using big social media platforms to spread misinformation about the virus. The misinformation posted online usually spreads rumors about the vaccines causing dangerous side-effects, or just false information about masks and Covid-19. The real unfortunate part is that these rumors are making healthcare workers worry that vaccine distributions will go down among certain groups of people. For example, one rumor, that has no scientific back-up, is about the covid vaccine causing infertility. This has caused many young women to not want to take the vaccine, even though the rumors are not true. All in all, the rumors about Covid-19 and the vaccines are becoming more and more of a problem, and it is time for the big companies to step in and put an end to these rumors.