I like me better-Lauv



By: Aisha Abubakar, Writer

I Like Me Better is a pop song about how you treasure and like yourself more when you are with someone you love. This was the first ever charting song recorded by Ari Staprans Leff who performs under the stage name of Lauv. The song was inspired by Leff’s relationship that started two months after he moved to San Francisco to attend the music program for the [NYU] Steinhardt school, he told iheartradio.

It was written and produced in his bedroom. This was the fastest song that Leff had ever penned to date. It is very up-tempo and has positive vibes and tunes it is also easy to listen to and memorize[that is if you want to]. It is a good song and the writer did a good job by writing a song that a lot of people can enjoy but no song is possibly perfect.  [There is always space for improvement.]

I’m not a songwriter, but I think the writer could have done a better job with the progression of the lyrics in the song. As the song goes on, the lyrics are a bit repetitive and dull. I’m not saying it is a boring song, but like many other songs it has a lot of space to improve.  I do recommend listening to it though it is an easygoing, simple song. I Like Me Better is a mood-lifter in the best of ways.  It fits many alternative everyday eventualities additionally. Whether you’re doing daily chores, taking a road-trip, hanging out on the beach or the park or in a hammock, or even studying [just make sure you don’t get too distracted bopping your head] or the other activities, this song is perfect for you. You can find it on different places like YouTube, Spotify and many other streaming sites and apps.