Juice Wrld – All Girls Are The Same


Cover of Song

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By: Daniel Murtin, Writer

The song “All Girls Are The Same” is written by the hit rapper Juice Wrld also known as Jared Anthony Higgins. Jared, 21 years old, was born in Chicago in 1998. Jared’s parent divorced when he was three leaving his mother to raise how all by herself. Jared learned piano and took up guitar, trumpet, and drums expanding his love of music. When he was introduced to rap music he started recording his own songs on SoundCloud. He was inspired by rappers Kanye West and Chief Keef, this is where he started taking rap music more seriously starting his long lasting carrier in music that would soon be known world wide.

Juice Wrld, creating hit songs such as Lucid Dreams and Robbery, bringing up his rocketing carrier and now All Girls Are The Same. All Girls Are The Same was officially released in April 13, 2018 climbing up the Billboard hot 100 and 700 million SoundCloud streams being on of his most popular songs. This song explains how Jared’s heart is broken because of his past relationships with women, how he has to deal with these problems and pain by drinking alcohol as he stated with “hard liquor, hard truth, can’t swallow.” Stating that all these women are lying to him and he is only being used. He explains how he see all his future relationships as failures and how he is just going to stay in his own ways.

Once listening to this song you get a kind of eerie and sad mood from the lyrics to the instrumental. The lyrics send in powerful and compelling words that make the listener fell calm and tranquil. All Girls Are The Same is a fantastic song that incorporates a large expanse of emotions that combine into one song that create a masterpiece.  It can have people relate with how he is feeling and bring people to come together and solve their problems. With the powerful lyrics to the strong beat I believe that it’s a great musical piece that should be, spread across the Wrld.