The Peregrine Falcon


Source: Roy W. Lowe

“Male Peregrine Falcon” by USFWS Headquarters is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Zekarias Delelegn, Reporter

The Peregrine Falcon is a type of bird that comes from the Falco Peregrine species.

They are one of the most widespread species in the world because they live all around the world except in cold climates like Antarctica.

They are most commonly known as being the fastest animal on earth, due to them reaching 240 mph while diving to catch it’s prey.

Image result for peregrine falcon wings spread front and back

They have blue to grey wings, dark brown backs, white chests, and dark grey stripes from their bellies to legs.

A fully grown peregrine falcon can be between 13-24 inches tall and their wingspan is between 2.4-3.9 feet.  .

They can live for about 15 years.

They usually like to eat small birds like pigeons but sometimes they take on prey as large as geese, loons, and gulls.

They have eyesight that’s 8 times better than human eyesight. They can spot their prey from at least 1 mile away. They also have a 3rd eyelid to protect their eyes when they’re diving.

Over all the peregrine falcons are a beast and they should not be messed with.

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