What Makes A Good Story?

What makes up a good story.



Image Source Pedro Lopez

By: Pedro Lopez, Reporter

What makes a good story? A good story is what the audience thinks is important or interesting. A great story is if you add things that are important and interesting so it could be a great story. People may share certain characteristics or beliefs. Everything can be news, but not all is newsworthy. Journalists are people who collect stories and turn them into newsworthy so they can report them and make stories. News organizations create stories to pass on a piece of information to readers, viewers, or listeners. A good story, however, does more than inform or amplify. It adds more to the topic you are writing about. Creating a good story means finding and verifying important or interesting information and presenting a way that engages the audience. Good stories are what make journalists different. How the story is told is more important than the topic itself. The best story is a well-told tale about what the reader feels. That’s what makes a good story.