How To Avoid Covid-19 Vaccine Scams


By: Owen Wentzel, Reporter

People need the Covid-19 vaccine. Some more than others. But some people will do anything to get the vaccine, which makes them easy targets for Covid-19 vaccine scams. Certain thieves will take advantage of the high demand, confusion, and frustration. Here are some ways to avoid them. For starters vaccines don’t cost money to get or register for, so if you get a call or text message asking for a payment, do not reply. Also avoid offers to “move ahead”  in the vaccine line for a payment. There is no way to get ahead of the line, because that’s just not how it works. People that are 65 and older, people with significant health conditions, and people in high-risk jobs get their vaccines first. Companies that give the vaccines can charge a fee for giving the shot. That’s why they will ask for your insurance information, so they can bill your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you can’t be denied a vaccination. The fee will be covered by the Government through the HRSA’s Provider Relief Fund. You should also be cautious of phony websites. Websites with misspellings in them or that don’t end in .gov are most likely scams.