Coronavirus – What’s In The Name?


By: Umar Tyler, Reporter

As you already know, the world is going through a global coronavirus outrage, commonly known as The COVID-19 pandemic. Have you ever actually thought about what COVID-19 is exactly?

COVID-19 is popularly known as the coronavirus. Coronavirus consists of two words. Corona, and virus. Corona means “crown” in Spanish. The reason behind why it’s in the name, is because the viruses cells are shaped nearly identical as actual crowns. Therefore, corona + virus = coronavirus.

There are many forms of coronavirus, but COVID-19 is the most known, and the fastest spreading out of all of them. Scientists have divided the different human Coronavirus types into four main groupings. beta, gamma, alpha, and delta, but only seven of the viruses out of all the groupings are able to infect people. With “SARS-CoV-2” being one of the seven viruses, which is what causes COVID-19.

It has also been around for longer than the coronavirus pandemic itself has been around. Just recently, a vaccine has been made for this critically life-threatening virus, but scientists will study the results carefully to see how effective it is.